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Certify with legal value photos, videos, chats, audios, screenshots and documents

#Trust as a Service

The app for digital certification of photos, images and other documents

TrueScreen is the only App for iOS and Android that validates and certifies with legal value photos, videos, screenshots, documents and audio recordings guaranteeing authenticity and immodifiability of any content captured.

How does it work

Certify and give legal value to photos and documents in seconds

Content capture and analysis, time stamp application, digital signature and forensic report generation:
get your certification in less than 15 seconds.

Step 1

Forensic Acquisition

Take a photo, import a screenshot, record a video, audio or sequence of content on your device’s display.

Step 1

Step 2

Analysis and Data Protection

Using the patented algorithm and Artificial Intelligence within a completely offline environment, TrueScreen analyzes the captured data and verifies within moments that the content has not been modified.

Step 2

Step 3

Time Stamp and Digital Signature

TrueScreen instantly applies a time stamp and a digital seal that guarantee date certain of the time of capture make manipulation of the captured content impossible. Brand and seal are applied by an international and independent Official Certifying Body.

Step 3

Step 4

Forensic Report Generation

All data analyzed by TrueScreen is made available on the Forensic Report that is signed by an Official Certifying Body.

Step 4

Step 5

Share Certification

The forensic report and captured content can be immediately shared or saved to a secure cloud.

Step 5

One solution for any occasion

Certifying events or content is critical in several fields.


Traffic accidents, leasing, product and service insurance, self claims, asseverative surveys, fleet management, logistics and transportation


Stalking, defamation, cyberbullying, intellectual property, judicial evidence, investigations

A professional forensic acquisition workstation

Trust as a Service

The most advanced cybersecurity technologies directly in your hands.

International method for obtaining probative value

Military-grade technology security

Certifies any content in seconds

Valid worldwide

Privacy by design

International patent

ISO 27037 certification

We use technologies and processes that comply with ISO 27037, the international standard containing
Guidelines for the identification, collection, acquisition, preservation and transport of digital evidence, valid in any field And all over the world. We are also GDPR and EIDAS compliant.

Get more information about ISO27037

What people say about us

“Federpol Forensic, the app created by TrueScreen for Federpol, is an fundamental innovation that will contribute profoundly to taking our profession into the future.”

Federpol National President Luciano Tommaso Ponzi

Luciano Ponzi

National President Federpol , the largest association of Italian private investigators

“In a world where trust in information is increasingly threatened, TrueScreen is the perfect technology solution to the needs of the society of the future.”

Gabriele Tazzari Enceladus

Gabriele Tazzari

Chief Technology Officer Yoox-net-a-porter, Board Member Encelado Ventures

TrueScreen is the most affordable and accessible solution
to certify your documents.

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Certify and make your content incontestable: getting a professional technical report is extremely fast and requires no expertise. All it takes is an app!

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TrueScreen is officially a capital asset ofIndustry 4.0 in cybersecurity. Thanks to the 50% tax credit you can use our services at half the cost.

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