Trust as a Service

TrueScreen is the mobile app that allows you to certify any multimedia file taken by smartphone or tablet, giving it extreme probative value

“Live” certifications

Certify any content

TrueScreen enables the forensic acquisition of all major content generated by smartphone or tablet


Real time photos

Audio recordings

Screen recordings

Real time video


When you need it

Many needs, just one app

TrueScreen is a fundamental tool whenever you need to certify with extreme certainty the truthfulness and the context of the acquired content in order to be used as evidence.

How does it work

A forensic report in seconds

You don’t need to be an expert or spend hours certifying content: TrueScreen allows you to obtain a certified forensic report in seconds and with extreme simplicity.

Step 1

Content acquisition

Take a photo, import a screenshot, record a video, audio or a sequence of contents on your display

Step 1

Step 2

Data analysis

Using the patented algorithm, TrueScreen analyzes the imported data and is able to certify in seconds that the content has not been altered

Step 2

Step 3

Certified Forensic Report

All data generated by TrueScreen are made available on the forensic report which is certified by an official certification body

Step 3

Step 4

Sharing certification

Share the forensic report and certified content with whoever you want in seconds.

Step 4

A professional forensic acquisition workstation

TrueScreen integrates the functionality of a professional tool for the acquisition of forensic evidence with the characteristics of a service accessible by anyone

Certified evidential value

The patented algorithm, the technologies used and compliance with the main standards give the certifications obtained an extreme probative value

Guaranteed safety

All the analysis and certification operations performed by TrueScreen are carried out exclusively within the mobile device, making it impossible to modify the data remotely

Quick and easy

TrueScreen is an app designed down to the smallest detail so that anyone has the ability to certify content in less than 1 minute without specialist skills

Ready for the world

TrueScreen is compatible with all international legal systems as it certifies the acquisition of content using processes compliant with the ISO27037 standard

Privacy by design

TrueScreen is designed taking into consideration the best practices to guarantee users and professionals optimal management of their privacy

International patent

TrueScreen is based on a complex algorithm protected by multiple international patents

Certified Forensic Report

TrueScreen generates a Certified Forensic Report that highlights and makes all the characteristics of the imported content immutable.

The report has the following characteristics:

Digital signature

The digital signature is a software algorithm based on cryptographic protocols that allows you to demonstrate the authenticity of the digital document and ensures that the sender (TrueScreen) is verified and the message has not been altered during the various stages of communication.

Time Stamp

The timestamp is a sequence of characters that represent a date and time to ascertain the actual occurrence of a certain event. The time stamping process consists in the generation, by a trusted third party (the accredited certifier), of a “digital signature of the document” which is associated with information relating to a certain date and time.

Hash of any imported content

TrueScreen calculates the hash of each imported file in order to demonstrate its non-alteration. Hashing is a “fingerprint” of a file and even if only one bit was modified, that hash would completely differ from the original hash. In this way, the non-alteration of the file after the acquisition is guaranteed.

Characteristics of the analyzed contents

All imported contents are thoroughly analyzed and the result of this analysis is reported in full on the technical report. For each file is therefore specified the size of the file, the width and height of the image, the creation date and other characteristics

Acquisition data

TrueScreen collects context data to provide further evidence useful to verify the facts or events analyzed. Parameters relating to the device making the acquisition are therefore also attached to the report such as the GPS position, the IP address, the name of the telephone provider, the version of the app and the operating system, the screen size, the name of the device and other technical details.

Password protected report

To prevent the forensic report from falling into the wrong hands, the PDF and other attachments can be shared using a password-protected zip file.

ISO 27037 certification

TrueScreen is a service that uses technologies and processes compliant with ISO 27037, an international standard containing guidelines for the identification, collection, acquisition, storage and transport of digital evidence in order to facilitate the exchange between several countries using common methodological protocols. The standard is applicable in any area (civil, criminal, out-of-court), without referring to specific regulations or legal norms.

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