Add value to your inspections, Remote and On-site


Inspections represent a fundamental phase of quality and safety control; they verify and certify that the various stages of the production cycle take place in full compliance with the requirements of international standards.

The inspection of company sites or production plants located in remote and difficult-to-reach areas can be critical and demanding due to logistical problems that technicians have to face in order to carry out their inspection, control and certification activities on site.

Responding to this need, remote inspections have maximized the efficiency of quality and safety control by facilitating the performance of the required tests and controls with significant savings in terms of costs and resources. In this scenario it is even more important to prove the integrity of the inspection process.

With TrueScreen you can avail yourself of a very powerful tool capable of certifying photos, videos and audio recordings with extreme evidential value, in all inspection contexts where it is necessary.

Using its patented algorithm, the App allows you to prove, with extreme certainty, the truthfulness and context of the acquisition of multimedia content generated with a mobile device, significantly reducing the risk associated with the generation of misunderstandings and inconsistencies in the documentation of the assessment.

With the help of TrueScreen you can carry out the entire remote inspection process in total safety, in particular the same solution can immediately integrate with existing business workflows in several ways :

1. Downloading the Truescreen application available for Android and Ios ;

2. Integrating the SDK into the existing application;

3. Developing a new application that integrates TrueScreen functionality to the operations necessary for your business processes.

Find out how TrueScreen can support you in your remote inspection processes