Find out how Compass Rent gave legal value to the remote insurance appraisal with TrueScreen

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In the business model of Compass Rent, a MedioBanca group company specializing in car rental services, the appraisal carried out on the state of conservation of the cars represents a crucial phase for the provision of a valid and effective long-term service.

In particular, the company needed a solution that would allow its dealers to send the necessary contents to their technical partners to carry out the appraisal that certifies the state of conservation of the cars.

To meet this need, TrueScreen quickly provided Compass Rent with intuitive mobile applications capable of adding value to the existing appraisal management solution, guaranteeing safety, transparency, reliability and efficiency to the entire process.

The solution dedicated to Compass Rent, created specifically for the use cases envisaged by the company, made it possible to follow the photographic surveys on the vehicle, to simplify the management of the contents created by the retailers and to certify with forensic value that the acquisition of multimedia files has been carried out in full compliance with international guidelines.

TrueScreen applications,becoming part with perfect coherence of the digital services managed by Compass Rent, have ensured that the contents acquired by the dealers cannot be modified by affixing a time stamp and a digital signature issued by an official and accredited certifying body.

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Two screens of the “Compass Rent Expertise” iOS application, developed entirely by TrueScreen for Compass Rent

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