A new, quick and easy way to certify the appraisals!

The insurance appraisal is the fundamental step for the management of any case of accident as it aims to reconstruct the dynamics reported, deduct any liability of the subjects involved and objectively define the estimate of the resulting damages.

This assessment is expensive in terms of time and resources, it considerably lengthens the processes for managing the file and for compensating the damages reported.

For years, technological solutions have been proposed on the market which aim to make the entire appraisal process easier and more efficient. None of these solves the problem of the authenticity of the photos and videos acquired during the appraisal activity.

From today TrueScreen allows the Insurance to certify the authenticity of the acquisition of content generated by mobile devices. Whether it is on-site surveys, remote inspections or appraisals, the solution provides the necessary tools to all those involved in the management of the case, in order to make the certified document flow more secure and streamline the entire appraisal phase.

By making it impossible to alter the analyzed content thanks to the generation of an authenticated forensic report, the TrueScreen App brings several advantages to the insurance process:

  1. It prevents the risk of fraud, with a considerable reduction in the management costs associated with them;
  2. It certifies a fact or an event “at the source” allowing to drastically reduce the risk of inconsistencies and consequent disputes;
  3. It provides valid , verifiable and rigorous evidence capable of reconstructing the fact or event;
  4. It guarantees transparency , security and complete control of the entire document flow .

The cases of application

The TrueScreen solution is applied to different cases in the insurance field, such as:

Civil Liability

Commerce and Business

Home Insurance


Freight transport

Travel Insurance

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