A forensic workstation in your smartphone

The need to obtain precise and reliable information and to expose correct facts proving a factual situation that has taken place is essential for the effectiveness of any type of investigation activity conducted by the investigator.

From today, detective agencies will be able to combine the forensic skills of their professionals with the advanced technology of TrueScreen, an app capable of proving the authenticity of the acquisition of screenshots, photos, recordings or videos relating to any type of investigative action .

TrueScreen thus becomes the forensic workstation in your smartphone, which allows you to acquire and produce correctly certified evidence using technologies and processes that comply with international guidelines for the identification, collection and storage of digital evidence.

The application, equipped with maximum portability and extreme ease of use, was created to meet the needs of total security and control of the document flow and to ensure extreme speed and full reliability in data acquisition.

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Find out how TrueScreen can adapt to the needs of your detective agency

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