Fast and certified monitoring and surveys

The monitoring of sensitive sites and infrastructures is a fundamental activity for the correct maintenance of any structure or plant.

Whether carried out by client companies or by third-party companies, these surveys must be accompanied by documentary reporting whose photos and videos are often the main element.

There is the problem of giving evidential value to the reports generated as the images may not correctly represent the real state of an infrastructure site, thereby increasing the risk of potential disputes and inconsistencies in the information collected.

How then to give legal value to photos and videos relating to the monitoring activity?

With TrueScreen it is possible to verify the truthfulness and context of the contents acquired during surveys or monitoring at any type of building and infrastructure, in order to prepare detailed certified reports on failures, detected criticalities and potential risky events.

The TrueScreen solution allows you to safely obtain fast and indisputable proofs capable of validating the outcome of the survey phases and/or monitoring the progress of the work.

The immediacy and timeliness with which validated reports can be obtained using the TrueScreen tool, stimulate the operator who carries out the monitoring to take full responsibility for action, guaranteeing greater effectiveness of action.

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