How to certify your videos with TrueScreen?

The videos are easily editable and manipulable and, therefore, there is no guarantee on the authenticity of their acquisition.

However, they are of fundamental importance in the court proceedings and they can be decisive in guiding the outcome of a trial.

With TrueScreen you can finally give legal value to your video in a simple, fast and economical way through a certified forensic report.

How to certify your videos?

  1. DOWNLOAD THE APP Download the free TrueScreen application available for Android and iOS.
  1. RECORD THE VIDEO Record a video of the event that you want to certify in real time directly within the application.
  1. CERTIFICATE At the end of the recording of your video, TrueScreen will analyze the imported data and only after verifying the authenticity of the acquisition of the contents it will certify your video through a Certified Forensic Report.
  1. SAVE AND SHARE Save the report generated by the app and share the certified contents with whoever you want

Give your videos maximum probative value!