Certified Dash Cam App for safety on the cabs of Bologna

From today, on Bologna Taxis you will feel safer with the dash cam app that validates and certifies in seconds every recording of what happens in the car. In fact, thanks to a partnership between TrueScreen and Cotabo, Bologna’s largest cab cooperative, all members will be able to rely on TrueCam, a new digital product in the TrueScreen – Trust as a Service family: a certified dash cam app.

Using TrueCam to provide a safer driving experience is very simple: just download the app to your smartphone and install a windshield mount. Once launched, the app will record every moment of what is happening in the car and then validate and certify the record of our interest within seconds.

Guarantee with legal value

Each recording is considered digital evidence with extreme evidentiary value and can therefore be used for insurance and legal purposes, for example, in the case of an accident. This innovative system will provide greater safety for taxi drivers, but not only that! The Truecam app is available for anyone who wants a safer driving experience using their smartphone.

We are very proud of this collaboration that advances one of the cornerstones of TrueScreen’s mission, which is to provide advanced digital products that provide certainty of evidence or facts while making it an affordable service.
Andrea Farnè, vice president of Cotabo, states:

“The dash cam app allows us to validate and certify recordings of every driving experience in a matter of seconds, guaranteeing the authenticity and immodifiability of every record for insurance and legal purposes. This is yet another safety tool made available to our 540 members who face a variety of issues related to traffic claims and nighttime problems in dealing with dangerous customers.”

Andrea Farnè

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