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“Restore trust in digital communication by providing everyone with accessible technology to stop frauds and misinformation and speeding up data management in any social or economic relationship”

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We believe we can be the world’s standard product for the acquisition and management of indisputable evidence.

Real Engagement


We believe that to achieve excellence it is necessary not to leave any detail to chance. This is why we immediately surrounded ourselves with many professionals with transversal and complementary skills.

Unique Stories


We believe that vision and competence are not enough if not supported by a sincere desire to contribute to the creation of “something great” and by a deep passion for our work.

Who we are

Fabio Ugolini

Fabio Ugolini

Founder & CEO

Giuseppe Travasoni

Giuseppe Travasoni

Founder & CTO

Leonardo Baruzzi

Leonardo Baruzzi

Chief Marketing Officer

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What surrounds us

Our office

We invest in large spaces in the city center because we want to give anyone the opportunity to interact with us in physical places that stimulate innovation and the sharing of skills and ideas.

Our city

The oldest University, the strategic position on the national territory, a quality of life among the highest in the world, a rich entrepreneurial fabric and a lively innovative landscape: Bologna

Our mascot

Between a digital code and a criminal procedure code, between a coffee and a matcha tea, between a call and a meet, between a slack and an excel … luckily there is always Pablo at his feet to remind us that there is always some time to play and take a break