TrueScreen for Business

Being able to certify a fact or an event in real time is essential in many areas.

With TrueScreen you will finally be able to give the right value to your digital Media whatever they are, guaranteeing the authenticity of the acquisition and giving them extreme probative value.


Simplify and give full certainty to the expertise. Whether it’s a remote inspection or a self-claim process, TrueScreen perfectly integrates into your insurance processes

Law Firms

The most suitable tool to prove the authenticity of any multimedia file that is useful for legal purposes

Real Estate Managers

Easily monitor the condition of properties and generate value for your condominiums, with the simplicity of an app

Investigation Agencies

Let’s make the search for truth easier, with a forensic solution designed for the tool of the 21st century: the Smartphone

Infrastructure Monitoring

Uncompromising operations: acquire and certify in real-time surveys and information on the real state of sensitive sites and infrastructures

Utilities & Industry

TrueScreen documents, attests and certifies each phase in which an inspection process is required; from testing to pre-loading of goods, from assembly to installation at your customer, you will have full control of the data and more importantly the elimination of disputes and inconsistencies

Certifying Bodies

Add value to your inspection and certification processes by integrating TrueScreen features into the tools you already use


Track the location and verify the integrity of a shipment in real time

Fleet Management

TrueScreen is the innovative solution that allows the monitoring of the vehicle management service and the traceability of the actions taken by professionals

Intellectual Property

A simple, fast, effective and economical way to protect your creative works


Truescreen is your trusted app to prove the status of the asset over time