Certifying Bodies

Add value to your inspections

TrueScreen is an extremely useful tool in the inspection field.

Whether performed by experts on site or remotely, the inspection using the TrueScreen tool takes on greater evidential value as it certifies the authenticity of the multimedia files associated with it.

This compliance check, carried out using the TrueScreen solution, will be accompanied by a forensic technical report with digital signature, metadata, detailed technical information on the analyzed file and certification authority time stamp.

Being an App that can be installed on any device, it is of immediate use and extremely usable in all circumstances.

The Advantages

By including the TrueScreen solution in your operating standards, you will get:

Full protection of the customer

The Report provides maximum legal value to the inspection, whether remote or performed by on-site experts

Maximum Availability

The document flow is always under the control of the organization, with the files that can eventually be made available in a dedicated storage


It guarantees full compliance with the operating standards already put in place by the certifying body


SDK that allows you to integrate TrueScreen features on third-party applications already in use

TrueScreen for your Business

Find out how TrueScreen can adapt to the needs of your inspection process