Fleet Management

Monitor the management of company vehicles

Collecting company vehicle documentation, carrying out operational and logistical activities and ensuring maintenance are tasks that require a great deal of time and energy that the company has to face.

For this reason, activities related to the use and management of commercial vehicles are often outsourced to an external company that deals with all aspects of Fleet Management.

In this context, the client company needs to verify the operation of the third company that manages the fleet and the latter in turn needs to ascertain the efficiency and productivity of the management activities.

So how to give valuable tools to those who manage the fleet that allow quick inspection processes with extreme probative value?

TrueScreen is the innovative solution that allows the monitoring of the vehicle management service and the traceability of the actions taken by professionals, reducing to zero the risk of any disputes or inconsistencies in the information and optimizing timing and resources.

With the TrueScreen solution, the acquisition of photos or videos associated with surveys or monitoring, which witness the occurrence of actual events or facts, is certified at the source through a Forensic Report complete with time stamp and digital signature by an official certifying body.

In addition, the application contributes to the creation of reliable, detailed and legally validated reporting capable of keeping track of fleet activities.

The Advantages

Why TrueScreen?


Certified authenticity

Immediately certified monitoring and surveys

Full Control

Full control of document flow, with files being made available in a dedicated storage


File sharing guaranteed by the highest security standards

Responsibility of the operator

Stimulus to the full responsibility of action of the operator in charge of management and strategic processes


Extreme simplicity of use and maximum portability, being an App that can be installed on any device

Maximum Availability

SDK to integrate TrueScreen features on third party applications and create new added value to your native product

Find out how TrueScreen can adapt to the needs of your company.