Utilities and Infrastructures

Certified, organized and fast monitoring and surveys

TrueScreen is an extremely useful tool in the context of monitoring and surveys carried out in sensitive sites by the operators who provide maintenance or by the companies that manage the surveys.

Uncontrolled images represent a danger as they can distort or not correctly represent the real state of an infrastructure site, generating an increase in risk and unnecessary costs.

With TrueScreen you have full control of the files associated with surveys or monitoring, which are certified at the source and therefore contribute to a more reliable and legally validated reporting.

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The advantages

By including the TrueScreen solution in your operating standards you will get:


Immediately certified monitoring and detections


Acquisition authenticity avoids potential litigation or inconsistencies in information

Responsibility of the operator

Encourage full responsibility for action by the operator carrying out the monitoring

Maximum Availability

The document flow is always under the control of the organization, with the files being made available in a dedicated storage

TrueScreen for your Business

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