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Full security in the management of claims and all insurance documentation flows

The management of the claim passes more and more often through the acquisition of photos and videos, whether performed by the insurance adjuster or by the policyholder.

The TrueScreen solution integrates perfectly into all Digital Notification of Loss processes, ensuring the rapid acquisition of files and their immediate certification.

TrueScreen offers the insurance the opportunity to simplify and streamline the entire appraisal phase, whether performed by the insurance adjuster on-site or remotely, always preserving the guarantee of authenticity of the multimedia file and complete control of the entire document flow.

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The advantages

The “armored” acquisition of the multimedia files associated with the claim or inspection processes generates concrete advantages for the Insurance:


TrueScreen prevents the risk of fraud, with a considerable reduction in the management costs associated with them

Quick and Immediate

TrueScreen helps make the entire appraisal and document management process smoother


Compatible with all processes and technologies already implemented by the Insurance

Peace of Mind

Certifying a fact or an event “upstream” makes it possible to significantly reduce the risk associated with the generation of disputes


It guarantees transparency, security and complete control of the entire document flow

TrueScreen for your Business

Find out how TrueScreen can adapt to your insurance needs.