Intellectual Property

Before sharing it with the world, let us protect your masterpiece

Based on the provisions of art. 2576 of the civil code, copyright arises at the very moment of creation.

How do you get an unassailable and valid proof of creation of the work?

TrueScreen is the solution capable of proving, by means of a forensic value report issued by an official certifying body, the object and the certain date of material creation of the intellectual activity.

The App verifies, in a few seconds, the integrity of the deposited files, allowing you to preserve your creative works, protecting them from the risk of counterfeiting and the crime of plagiarism.

TrueScreen is the App that protects the fruit of your work since its creation!

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Protection of Copyright

To date, the copyright protection does not provide for any deposit charges; it is therefore extremely important to use a secure system that is able to give certain proof to the creative work and to certify the date of creation of the same.

TrueScreen acts as an additional intellectual property protection, guaranteeing the authenticity of every photo / video / audio recording made in real time with the app.

In fact, the solution ascertains the actual occurrence of the event thanks to a Forensic Report consisting of a digital signature and a time stamp which allows to attribute a certain date and time to the creation of the work.

Truescreen, applied in the field of intellectual property, is a powerful tool in the hands of artists. It allows you to protect any creative work guaranteeing them the value they deserve.

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Protection of works of art

The advantages


The “armored” acquisition allows to guarantee the authenticity of the acquired file


It is compatible with all international legal systems as it certifies the acquisition of content using processes compliant with the ISO27037 standard

Immediate Sharing

It allows the immediate certification of the file, so that it can be shared quickly and easily

Maximum Availability

You will always be able to access the certified files as they will remain available on your smartphone

TrueScreen for your Business

Find out how TrueScreen can protect your creative intellectual activities.