Investigative Agencies

A professional forensic workstation, right in your smartphone

In all areas of investigative activity, the collection of information and digital evidence is perhaps the most important and time-consuming moment.

Guaranteeing the reliability of the information and at the same time ensuring speed in its acquisition are the two most important drivers.

With TrueScreen, the investigator can support his current approach and methods with a new tool, of immediate actionability and maximum portability.

The Application actually supports the best information gathering techniques by certifying, by means of an internationally patented algorithm, on-site inspections, localizations, video and photographic proofs.

This guarantees greater protection for your customer assisted, through the production of correctly certified evidence, in line with forensic methodologies and procedures compliant with the law, which can be used in court through the forensic technical report that is generated from time to time.

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The advantages

The TrueScreen solution was created to respond precisely to the needs of the forensic world, such as:

Certified authenticity

Prove the authenticity of capturing screenshots, photos, recordings or videos relating to surveys


Total security and control of document flow, with files made available in dedicated storage

Customer Engagement

Useful to create an active collaboration of the assisted client around the investigative process


Extreme simplicity of use and maximum portability, being an App that can be installed on any device

TrueScreen for your Business

Find out how TrueScreen can adapt to the needs of your detective agency