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Gathering evidence has never been easier

TrueScreen resolves upstream the problem associated with the authenticity of the evidence collected during the investigative activity.

In the civil, criminal and administrative fields, TrueScreen aims to prove with extreme certainty the truthfulness and context of the acquired content in order to assert and submit to the judicial authority’s discretionary judgment reliable and suitable evidence capable of ensuring the verification of the facts.

Using TrueScreen technology, it is possible to verify that the acquired file is original and has not been modified in any way, generating a certified Forensic Report that highlights and makes all the characteristics of the imported contents unchangeable.

From the acquisition of the content to the sharing of the forensic report, the entire chain of custody of digital evidence is preserved with forensic methodologies and procedures compliant with Standard ISO 27037.

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The Advantages

Why adopt TrueScreen?


“Armored” acquisition and proven authenticity of acquisition of each photo or video relating to investigations


It guarantees maximum portability by definition, being an app that can be installed on any device


It is compatible with all international legal systems as it certifies the acquisition of content using processes compliant with the ISO27037 standard

Full protection of the customer

Ensure effective exercise of the right of defense for your client


A safe, simple file sharing certified by the highest security standards

TrueScreen for your Business

Find out how TrueScreen can adapt to the needs of your profession