Truescreen is your trusted app to prove the status of the asset over time

TrueScreen responds to the needs of leasing by configuring itself as a tool accessible to anyone and technologically advanced, capable of being a fundamental support in the process of collecting evidential material in order to certify a specific event.

Specifically, in this context, the TrueScreen solution certifies the authenticity of photos, videos and screenshots relating to the checks on the deterioration status of the asset, attributing to it extreme probative value through a forensic report that highlights and makes all the characteristics of the imported content immutable.

TrueScreen, integrating with the use cases of capital movable goods, allows you to ascertain the degree of wear, criticalities and defects of a wide range of goods such as machinery, plants and equipment instrumental to your profession or business and operating in the commercial, service or industrial.

In particular, in the context of real estate leasing, the analysis and certification operations carried out by TrueScreen are carried out exclusively within the mobile device, making it impossible to modify the data of the multimedia files ascertaining functional and structural defects such as those that they prove the condition of commercial, industrial or professional properties finished or to be built.

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TrueScreen is your trusted app to prove the status of the asset over time

The Advantages

Why TrueScreen?


Certified authenticity

Immediately certified monitoring and surveys


The “armored” acquisition allows to guarantee the authenticity of the acquired file


Extreme simplicity of use and maximum portability, being an App that can be installed on any device

Maximum Availability

You will always be able to access the certified files as they will remain available on your smartphone

Find out how TrueScreen can adapt to your needs.