Track the location and verify the integrity of a shipment in real time

Have you ever wondered how to prove the integrity of goods throughout the logistics management cycle?

TrueScreen integrates perfectly with any business reality, becoming an extremely useful tool applicable to all product sectors, capable of guaranteeing greater safety and efficiency in the entire management of activities.

The app allows you to verify the itineraries traveled and the logistical activities performed by the operators by certifying the authenticity of the acquisition of photos or videos capable of reconstruct the process of products along the production chain step by step and therefore it allows to profile the performance of those involved in management and strategic processes.

Whether it is warehouse storage operations, picking activities, planning or product transport management, the transparency offered by TrueScreen makes it a solution capable of guaranteeing security and complete control of the entire document flow, reducing the risk of possible inconsistencies and disputes to zero.

By certifying with extreme certainty the truthfulness and context of the acquired contents, the app provides valid, verifiable and rigorous evidence capable of proving with legal value the current position of the shipment and the integrity of the goods.

The creation of value in the production cycle thanks to TrueScreen passes through a constant visual update of the status of shipments, a verification that prevents the risk of fraud with a considerable reduction in the management costs associated with them.

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The Advantages

Why TrueScreen?


TrueScreen’s solution fully meets the needs of logistics, such as:

Certified authenticity

Immediately certified monitoring and surveys


It controls the risks associated with transport and guarantees the quality of the processes and the integrity of the goods


Avoid potential litigation and information inconsistencies

Responsibility of the operator

Stimulus to the full responsibility of action of the operator in charge of management and strategic processes


Extreme simplicity of use and maximum portability, being an App that can be installed on any device

Maximum Availability

SDK to integrate TrueScreen features on third party applications and create new added value to your native product