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Certifies photos and videos to make any marketplace more reliable

Using photos and videos to prove the integrity, quality, sometimes even the existence of an asset is the basis of online buying and selling.

Online shopping is often convenient because of low prices and the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere, anytime. However, it is crucial to know and understand the dynamics of marketplaces, how they work and how to avoid scams in order to buy safely.

How to avoid scams?

Scams are now just around the corner of every purchase, in fact the photos and videos used in marketplaces are now insufficient and contestable as they are extremely easy to edit even without any particular expertise.

So, to sell online responsibly and safely, it becomes necessary to ensure that the content showing the good is true and authentic. While there are many alternatives that allow us to certify photos and videos, none of them have ever been as accessible as an app on our smartphones.
Simple and intuitive, TrueScreen is the only App capable of certifying any media file acquired from a smartphone or tablet that guarantees theauthenticity of the content.

How does it work?

Thanks to TrueScreen technology, it is possible to analyze that the content is original but, more importantly, certified which highlights the methodologies adopted and makes the characteristics of the file immutable.

Before TrueScreen becomes the only tool that can substantiate the veracity of reported facts with extreme certainty. In this way, obtaining reliable and suitable evidence becomes very easy and, most importantly, it is safe to submit it to the judicial authority’s discretionary evaluation.

From content acquisition to forensic report sharing, the entire chain of custody of digital evidence is preserved using forensic methodologies and procedures.
In fact, TrueScreen is a service compatible with all international legal systems by following methodological protocols common to multiple jurisdictions and standard guidelines for the identification, collection, acquisition, preservation and transport of digital evidence.

Advantages of adopting TrueScreen

Images true to reality

No user will be allowed to upload fake and retouched images that do not accurately represent the state of the items offered for sale. Thus the risk associated with fraud and litigation is reduced, and transparency in ads is safeguarded, ensuring maximum security of purchase transactions.

Warranty and reliability

Each user can prove with extreme probative value the non-alteration and truthfulness of context and content of the asset photograph. Certification on the integrity of the acquired image ensures reliability and gives quality to the ads published in your marketplace.

Trust restored from subject to object

Creating a trusting relationship with the customer is imperative for an e-commerce. “Armored” capture of media files simplifies and certifies the acquisition of photographs and videos ascertaining the condition of the goods.

Complaints and reviews 

Resolving claims becomes quick and easy with the Forensically Valuable Technical Report proving the veracity of images and information. In fact, the user can prove delivery of a different product than the one purchased and challenge the delay in delivery and/or receipt of defective or deteriorated goods.
In addition, in case of defamatory comments, the app allows you to instantly capture the evidence with a legally certified screenshot
and obtain maximum evidentiary value in court or other venues.

Security and Reliability for your business

Win customers’ trust and increase your sales.

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