Property Managers

The certified, safe and fast inspection within reach on an app

Monitoring the state of conservation of the buildings and the maintenance needs of the buildings are among the tasks of the administrator; the latter are time consuming and therefore the building administrator needs to carry out numerous on-site visits.

The condominiums already normally share photos and videos with the building administrator; this information can be very useful but on the other hand it is not certified and in fact requires the need for on-site inspections.

TrueScreen guarantees upstream the certified acquisition of every photo or video relating to inspections of all kinds in buildings, which can therefore be carried out quickly and remotely.

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Why adopt TrueScreen?

The advantages


It allows you to certify the state of a property in a safe and simple way, considerably reducing potential disputes and inconsistencies


Total security and control of document flow, with files made available in dedicated storage


It allows the immediate certification of a real event or fact, with a considerable saving of time by the administrator

Share what is authentic

The Administrator and the condominiums can finally exchange reliable and certified information in real time

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