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Certified inspections at each stage of the production cycle

In many phases of the production cycle, ranging from testing to pre-loading of goods, from assembly to checks by technicians at the customer’s site, there is a clear need to acquire photos and videos useful for documenting in detail the status of the product and its proper functioning.

How to make these photos or videos unassailable in the face of any possible dispute?

With TrueScreen, you can immediately verify the truthfulness and context of the acquired content; this reduces to zero the risk of disputes with the customer and/or the detection of inconsistencies at a later stage.

TrueScreen allows the carrying out of internal inspections and audits, facilitating the monitoring of the progress of quality controls and / or interventions and making available all information acquired as part of the verification activities.

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The Advantages

Choosing TrueScreen for your Inspection processes guarantees:

Full protection of the customer

It constitutes a further guarantee for customers who receive a reliable document with certified acquisition


It can be implemented immediately in all existing processes and it is extremely easy to use


It guarantees security and transparency in the management of document flows


It is a very important differentiator from the services offered by the competition

TrueScreen for your business

Do you want to easily integrate the TrueScreen solution into your existing production process?