How to certify screen recordings with legal value?

TrueScreen is the application that allows you to certify with probative value the authenticity and unchangeability of the screen recording videos you record from your smartphone or tablet, instantly applying a time stamp (to guarantee the certain date of the recording of the recorded video) and a digital seal (to ensure that the video can never be edited from then on).

Screen recording makes it possible to capture with maximum evidentiary value chats (whatsapp, telegram, imessage, messenger..), content present on social networks, blogs and forums or any other site.

Certifying the screen recording with legal value is essential to make indisputable the occurrence of events or facts with economic or legal significance and apply maximum evidentiary value to it (such as in cases of online defamation, cyberbullying, revenge porn, infringement of image or intellectual property rights etc.).

Ascertaining the veracity of the data contextualizing your content (GPS, IP address, and and other important technical details) will help you provide indisputable proof that what you are recording actually happened and without any alteration.

0. Download the TrueScreen App

Download the TrueScreen app directly to your mobile device or tablet.

1. Record your screen

Start screen capture with SDC and follow the simple directions that will be given.: the app will indicate that screen recording has started and then you can exit TrueScreen (without closing it but leaving it in the background) and go to the app within which the content you want to record is located (whatsapp, web browser or other apps) and browse the same content by simply displaying it on the screen. All your navigation is recorded, and you will only need to reopen TrueScreen to save and certify it by following the on-screen directions.

2. Analysis and data protection


Using the patented algorithm and Artificial Intelligence within a completely offline environment, TrueScreen analyzes the captured data and verifies within moments that the audio recording has not been modified.

3. Certify your screen recording


TrueScreen, after analyzing the imported data and verifying that the content has not been altered, will instantly generate a Forensic Report certified by an Official Certifying Body in a matter of seconds. The technical report contains all the data to uniquely identify your certified audio recordings.

4. Share your screen recording

The report and all your screen recordings can be easily shared through any messaging tool (Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage, Messenger etc.), emailed or saved to secure cloud.

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