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Authentic journalism against fake news

Certified photos, audios, videos made authentic and unchangeable to counter disinformation

In the world of journalism, ensuring that the content of every photo, video, and audio is authentic becomes a necessary condition for the credibility of journalists, the newsroom, and all those involved in the production of a news story. We are thinking especially of the role of the photojournalist, a profession that is expected to be increasingly complicated due to the continuous and invasive spread of fake news and deep fakes.

In addition, the extreme ease with which photos, videos, screenshots, and audio can now be edited helps these fake news stories proliferate, especially online. It therefore becomes an increasingly pressing need to have to prove the veracity of facts or events represented in all media files, so photos, videos, audios, screenshots, documents.

How do we overcome this problem?

TrueScreen, the only App capable of certifying any media file acquired from a smartphone or tablet that guarantees theauthenticity of the content and makes it unchangeable.

How does the app work?

Thanks to TrueScreen technology, it is then possible to take photos or record audio, video, screen, and analyze that the content is original but, more importantly, certified which highlights the data captured, the methodologies adopted, and makes the characteristics of the file immutable.

With this innovative mode of acquisition, the veracity of the reported facts can be proven with extreme certainty. From content acquisition to forensic report sharing, the entire chain of custody of digital evidence is preserved using forensic methodologies and procedures.

In fact, the service is compatible with all international legal systems by following methodological protocols common to multiple jurisdictions and standard guidelines for the identification, collection, acquisition, preservation and transport of digital evidence.

Advantages of adopting TrueScreen

Fake News Prevention

By producing content directly with the app, you can automatically prevent the spread of fake news and deep fakes and significantly decrease misinformation.

Authentic Content

Any media file becomes authentic and unchallengeable with the hash mark that protects your content from future manipulation.

Highest Credibility

Any content captured by the app becomes indisputable evidence with extreme legal value, this gives maximum credibility to the news reported by journalists and photojournalists.

Fact Checking

By being able to guarantee with maximum probative value the truthfulness of reported facts or events, the Fact Checking process is no longer unavoidable and news production is speeded up.