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Occupational safety

Measures, measures, assessments and monitoring for occupational safety at sensitive sites with certified photos and videos

For Provide evidence of the proper working conditions and safety measures taken at construction sites or other industrial production settings (taking charge of interventions related to proper use DSI devices, machinery, safety routes, fire fighting, etc.). we rely on the collection of photos and videos, so that there is a reference documentation to aid management and complete safety reporting.

Greatly facilitating these processes is now possible with a mobile solution that validates and certifies with legal value all documentation, photographs, and video, audio, and screen recordings made with our smartphones. Let’s talk about theapp TrueScreen which helps all those involved in the stages of collecting supervision materials by ensuring their authenticity and giving them legal value, prerequisites required by law.

What are the difficulties for construction site managers?

  • Follow up on all paperwork and security reporting
  • Legal risks related to occupational accidents and property/personnel damage
  • Manage all stakeholders who need to interact within the same worksite
  • Follow the construction progress (SAL) of many construction sites at the same time
  • Ensure continuous monitoring and adherence to stringent regulations (safety and building or contracting)
  • Manage complaints from clients on the way the work was performed (inconsistencies with the agreed preliminary project analysis).

An alternative to notary and slow and expensive appraisal processes
to monitor your construction site

Protect your construction site before, during, and after work with a simple app.

Before and After

  • Certified documentation reporting for Building Bonuses (Earthquake, 110, Ecobonus)
  • Reporting start of work (notice of start of work must be certified)
  • State of the property before the construction site (legal requirement)
  • State of the building after the execution of the intervention (contractor)
  • Comprehensive and certified collection of site documentation


  • Supervision of progress (may be constant or sporadic monitoring)
  • Verification/Supervision/Monitoring of the security measures taken
  • Verification/Supervision of equipment used on site

Make photos and videos proving workplace safety regulations indisputable

For example, think of CSE (Coordinators of Safety and Execution) managers of construction sites who need to conduct supervision of construction sites on a regular basis by capturing photos and/or videos to track compliance with safety regulations and proper adoption of all ISDs (personal safety equipment). Or, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) managers performing an audit and management of a maintenance plan for a manufacturing plant for corporate companies, manufacturing, including photos and videos in the reporting.

However, with digitization, ensuring security conditions and standards becomes as convenient as it is risky if not reported with suitable tools that can guarantee the authenticity and veracity of the content acquired by inspectors. In particular, in the event of litigation, it is critical to prevent any risk, to manage any disputes and all security issues.

Guarantees and security with TrueScreen

With a simple app you can demonstrate the correct and compliant execution of your work.

In fact, the moment you include photos, videos, site or property documents certified with TrueScreen in your file, you do not risk disputes related to the documents since they are digitally signed and date-stamped.

Advantages of adopting TrueScreen

It resets the risks

It zeroes in on the risk of dispute and document inconsistency related to your Superbonus, Ecobonus or Sismabonus paperwork, as well as the risk of litigation related to workplace accidents and property/personnel damage.

Speed up all processes

In a matter of seconds, the app allows you to certify all of the documentation related to your worksite and speeds up the collection of information, as well as communication between various employees.

Irrefutable evidence with legal value

Only with TrueScreen can you be assured of having certified documentation and media materials with extreme evidentiary value.

Compliance assured

The TrueScreen solution complies with current procurement and safety regulations.

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Make valid photos and videos proving proper work safety conditions

“We offer a unique service that guarantees the authentic and unalterable capture of our photos and videos related to site monitoring.”

Damian Bauce
Damian Bauce Founder TimeLapseLab

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