Online sale scams: how to certify purchases and avoid fraud

Online scams are a widespread problem that affects both buyers and sellers. Often, online scams are organized by criminals who try to take advantage of users’ ignorance or vulnerability to obtain money or personal information. When making an online purchase, it is important to be careful and do due diligence to avoid falling victim to these scams. Some things to do to protect yourself from online scams include checking the identity of the seller, paying only through secure methods, and reading reviews and terms and conditions before making a purchase.

According to some studies, the number of scams in online buying and selling is steadily increasing, with tens of thousands of cases reported every day. The most common scams are those in which buyers pay for a product that is never delivered, or is delivered in a different condition than described by the seller. In other cases, sellers may post misleading photos and descriptions of products in order to lure buyers and scam them.

To protect both themselves and their customers, it is critical for online sellers to show that they are using a reliable certification system such as TrueScreen. TrueScreen allows salespeople to show with detailed photos and videos the status of their products, from logistics to sales. In this way, customers can be assured that what they are buying matches exactly what is shown on the platform.

How to make a Whatsapp chat legal proof

Truescreen is an application that can help solve this problem. Truescreen records the screen of the device on which it is installed, allowing you to create a legal proof of the entire Whatsapp chat, including instantly deleted messages. In this way, it is possible to have legal proof of the entire conversation, even if some messages have been changed or deleted. In addition, Truescreen offers the ability to share the screen recording with other users, allowing for shared evidence of the Whatsapp conversation.

Not only is this solution useful in legal situations, but it can also be used to protect oneself and one’s reputation in case of litigation or unfair accusations.

Autenticità, immodificabilità, incontestabilità dei contenuti digitali

TrueScreen è la soluzione cybersecurity che certifica contenuti digitali con valore legale, garantendone autenticità ed immodificabilità, con l’obiettivo di prevenire frodi e disinformazione.
Aumentiamo qualità e velocità dei processi informativi abilitando aziende, professionisti e privati con tecnologie proprietarie di facile integrazione ed aderenti alle linee guida internazionali.

TrueScreen risolve il problema della scarsa affidabilità delle informazioni su cui quotidianamente si basano rapporti economici e sociali.

Mediante applicazioni mobile (iOS e Android), TrueScreen analizza, certifica  e preserva l’integrità di foto, video, screenshot e registrazioni audio; in pochi secondi viene generato un report tecnico legale contenente dati e metadati del contesto di acquisizione (geolocalizzazione, indirizzi di rete..) dei file analizzati.

Nelle soluzioni business, TrueScreen fornisce una suite di servizi utili alla completa gestione dei flussi documentali, garantendo:

  • L’analisi e la certificazione di integrità dei contenuti all’origine
  • Una semplice gestione delle acquisizioni
  • L’archiviazione su Cloud sicuro
  • Un’agile integrazione con i sistemi informativi aziendali

Scarica l’app gratuitamente e scopri come può aiutarti a difenderti quando serve.

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