Public Administration

A comprehensive tool at the service of public bodies

Public bodies can make TrueScreen available to citizens, a simple and intuitive app available directly on their smartphone capable of certifying any multimedia file giving it extreme probative value.

The TrueScreen solution represents a measure of social utility in defense of the rights of the person capable of combating phenomena of stalking, sexting, defamation and cyberbullying .

Indeed, TrueScreen is an effective non-manipulable technological tool that allows the citizen, victim of such injustices, to independently acquire tangible elements and digital evidence that crystallize the offense received.

With TrueScreen, the injured party will be able to produce proven multimedia content in court that will facilitate the authorities to carry out investigations in a quick and functional way.

With TrueScreen, valid, ascertainable and reliable evidence can be attached to the complaint that can easily demonstrate the offense suffered in court .

Safeguard the rights of your citizens with TrueScreen !

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TrueScreen as a social utility tool

How to prove the maintenance interventions , the completed renovation operations and the redevelopment activities carried out by the municipal administration on the structures, infrastructures and on the urban and extra-urban spaces of the territory?

With TrueScreen it is possible to certify a fact or an event in real time!

Using the patented algorithm, the app allows the forensic acquisition of all the main contents generated by smartphones or tablets proving the ordinary and extraordinary interventions carried out by the municipal administration and the obtaining of a certified forensic report in a few seconds and with extreme simplicity.

The TrueScreen solution, analyzing the imported data, certifies in a few seconds that the content has not been altered and provides the institution with indisputable proof of the interventions started and concluded on the municipal territory.

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Truescreen for the monitoring and maintenance of the municipal area

TrueScreen represents the Tech Tool able to help the municipal police body to prove, through legally certified photographic evidence, the veracity of the violations and administrative penalties charged to citizens, in the event of violations of the highway code by them.

TrueScreen allows you to avoid unfounded disputes and potential litigation and to create legally validated documentation capable of providing rigorous proof of the findings of traffic violations.

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TrueScreen, the tool that supports law enforcement