Record every moment driving and give it legal value

Protect your travels with the first DashCam App that allows you to certify with evidentiary value what happens to you while driving.

Maximum legal protection.
Zero disputes.

In the case of accidents or other events that may occur while driving a car, video recorded inside the passenger compartment is used to identify liability for insurance or legal purposes. Very often, however, these videos are edited in order to alter judgments and compensation, making them easily disputed.


  • Extreme legal value
  • Generation of a Certified Forensic Report
  • Simultaneous front and back recording
  • Works on all smartphones
  • Based on patented TrueScreen ® technology.
  • Easy installation
  • 9.99€ per month, quit whenever you want
  • Audio Recording and GPS
  • User-settable recording options
  • Privacy by design

Classic Dashcam

  • Low legal value
  • Need to purchase an external device
  • High cost (350€ to 1300€)
  • Complex installation

A professional forensic acquisition workstation

Make your driving truth unchallengeable

TrueCam integrates the technologies of an advanced cybersecurity tool with the functionality of a classic dashcam.

Certified evidential value

Guaranteed safety

Quick and easy

International Method

Privacy by design

International patent

Easy to use, quick to install.

Each recording is captured in real time using forensic methodology
and immediately certified, thus becoming indisputable digital evidence.

Step 1

Content acquisition

Start recording to the dual camera the leg of your journey. TrueCam will always automatically save the last few minutes of the movie.

Step 1

Step 2

Analysis and data protection

Within a completely offline environment, TrueCam analyzes the imported data and ensures that the content is authentic and unaltered.

Step 2

Step 3

Certified Forensic Report Generation

In seconds, a Certified Forensic Report is generated, a document that collects all the data analyzed and certifies it through a certifying agency.

Step 3

Step 4

Sharing certification

The Certified Forensic Report and the captured content can be immediately shared or saved to secure cloud.

Step 4

For all those who seek protection
And driving support.

You will never have to tell your side of the story again; TrueCam will tell it for you.




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